Follower of Jesus.
Husband. Father & Pastor.

About Ed Newton

Ed Newton is the lead pastor of Community Bible Church and seeks to equip others to be the Good News of Jesus to every person in every place.





Watch the latest sermon from Pastor Ed Newton. You can also explore past sermon series or get caught up on anything you may have missed. Ed has a burden to speak into the capital “C” church towards revival, leadership, evangelism, discipleship, missional living, and especially for the “next” generation to become a “now” generation.

Speaking Events

F E A T U R I N G   E D  N E W T O N

One WKND Conference

MARCH 2024
OneWknd Conference is a 2-day conference style weekend at Community Bible Church in San Antonio, TX for students in 6-12th grade.

Spiritual Renewal Weekend

MARCH 2024
Spiritual Renewal Weekend at Fellowship Bible Church in Arkansas is an intentional time of rest and refocusing on the Lord. To set down busyness and burdens and and be strengthened in Christ. Guests will hear from Ed Newton and Don Whitney, and be led in worship, prayer, rest, and seeking God through the Scriptures.


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