Follower of Jesus, Husband, Father & Lead Pastor

Pastor Ed Newton

Follower of Jesus, Husband, Father & Lead Pastor

Initiate and celebrate life change in Jesus name

First and foremost, I am a local church pastor to the greatest people on the planet in the greatest city on the planet at Community Bible Church (CBC) in San Antonio, TX.  Now, I know everyone is biased, and I am for sure.

What God is doing amongst the people I have the honor of pastoring cannot be a story just for the four walls of our local congregation.  I believe what God is doing here amongst us is so special that it needs to be shared with the whole world beyond the walls of CBC.
Therefore, through this ministry, we will take my weekly teaching ministry and seek to afford people the opportunity to go spiritually deeper and further in their walk with Jesus.  See, everyone is at a different point in this journey, but Jesus meets us right where we are at.

My desire is to get the message of Jesus, an understanding of the Bible, how to apply it, and live it out to as many people as possible through broadcasting, videos, daily devotionals, and bible study content.
In compilation to digital content, I will seek to be strategic to take the message of Jesus to churches, conferences, seminars, corporations, and other opportunities to deliver hope. None of these things would seek to take away from what I am doing as a local church pastor, but only be the extension of it.

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Ed's Latest Book

Breathe Again is more than a motivational resource that simply challenges people to be more dedicated, disciplined, or devoted. Ed Newton helps readers realize a rich, abundant Christian life is not about doing better; instead, it's all about recognizing that God is better. He is better than all our empty attempts to create new and improved selves. Just as our Creator did when He breathed life into Adam, when He brought Scripture to life, or when Jesus breathed out His last breath so we could breathe in His salvation, God's supernatural intent and desire is to breathe upon your life for the purpose of a divine awakening.



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