Pursuing the Gift Giver

“According to the grace given to us, we have different gifts: If prophecy, use it according to the standard of one’s faith; if service, in service; if teaching, in teaching; if exhorting, in exhortation; giving, with generosity; leading, with diligence; showing mercy, with cheerfulness” (Romans 12:6-8).  
What do you love to do? What is it that gets you excited about life? God has gifted you with a talent—a purpose—that is specific to you. As we discussed in our last devotion, we know that the body of Christ has many members, and every member is vital in the kingdom of God.  

If you’re unsure about what your spiritual gift is, it is probably in accordance with something that you enjoy doing. Once you understand how God has lined up what you enjoy doing with the work of His kingdom, it’s time to use that gift at every opportunity.  

Say you get a pair of nice shoes as a present. You love these shoes, but because you don’t want to mess them up, you hardly ever wear them. If you only wear your spiritual gift like you wear these shoes, what’s the real use in having the gift?  

God wants you to wear your gift every day, for every occasion, and for every person. He wants you to wear your gift out. He wants you to get so comfortable in it that, like a pair of worn-out shoes, it fits better every time you use it. The leather gets crackly, and the seams start to split, but those shoes know the shape of your feet. You sleep in those shoes and walk miles in those shoes—you get to know your gift so well because you live your life in it.  

The Word says, “Every generous act and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights…” (James 1:17). Making every effort to use your gift is wonderful, but all your effort can’t just be in pursuing your gift. The real depth comes with you pursuing the Gift Giver. He’s the shoe-maker—the only one who knows those shoes better than the wearer.  

The Father wants to teach us His trade. He wants us to come in, sit down, and watch Him work. We will learn far more about our talents and our purpose by watching, listening, and following the Father’s example. This way, when we learn how to wear our gifts, our understanding comes from the overflow of our time spent with the Gift Giver.  

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