His Words of War

“For our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world powers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens” (Ephesians 6:12).  
America was the shining land across the sea. That’s how many people who came over from the “old world” thought of the nation. It was a shining beacon of hope—a lighthouse in a dim world.  
While it took other nations hundreds or thousands of years to become successful and prosperous, America became ‘the land of promise’ in a short time. While people in the country had their hardships, America was the most desired destination for many because it was the land of freedom.  

The reason why America flourished so is because the country was established with godly principles in mind. Where other nations put their hope in a government system and worldly devices, America was founded on faith in God, and the Bible was the backbone of the country.  
In the past recent years, we’ve witnessed a global expansion of hatred for Christians and the Word of God. The Bible is the most hated and loved book in the world. People cling to it for direction, guidance, and hope, and others curse it, burn it, and take every measure to eradicate it from the earth.  

People get so offended by the Bible because it tells them that their way of thinking is wrong, and in a society where truth is all “relative,” people want nothing to do with a book that tells them their lifestyle is contrary to what’s right. The problem with people thinking there is no actual truth is that humans lose their sense of morality. When there is no guide, no structure, no boundaries to what we believe is morally right or wrong, then we live in chaos. People are led by their feelings and emotions, doing whatever they feel like doing, because to them, their feelings are their compass.  

As we explore the predictions of persecutions, we know that hatred for the Bible has opened the door for persecutors to claim that Christians are hateful, closeminded, and arrogant. The more the Bible has been removed from government, schools, and societal norms, the more confusion has ensued. The Enemy’s job is to confuse and corrupt.  

God’s Word has been the start of wars, and it will be again. Brother will hate brother, and friend will turn against friend. Just as Scripture notes, we are in a spiritual battle against the principalities and demonic forces of this age, and the only way to fight a spiritual battle is by being in unity with the Holy Spirit. We must be diligent and hold fast to our faith, refusing to conform to worldly systems, and instead, stand up for the sake of Christ.  

His words are our life. They are the way to wisdom and the path that guides us home. There will be wars and rumors of wars, but His Word tells us that the ultimate war has already been won. So this is our time to hold fast, keep the faith, and cling to the Spirit.
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