Intent on Connection

How does the Lord get your attention? Have you ever thought about that? As we go about our day, it’s easy to get in a rut and miss the supernatural in the natural. We often miss opportunities or let moments pass us by that the Lord meant for us to enjoy with Him.
As we discussed in our last devotion, the Lord is intentional. He is personal and desires to be at the center of our hearts. It takes time to redirect our thoughts and reprioritize our hearts. But as we make it a habit to let Him be the centerpiece of our lives, we’ll begin to notice His presence more.
The more intentional we are about seeking God, the more we’ll see His intentionality. He loves to get our attention, not only to give us tasks or to send us on missions, but also to let us know that He’s nearby. God is not a demanding being who spats out orders just to watch humans obey. Just like we discussed in our last devotion, everything He does is for the purpose of connection.
So, let’s ask again: how does He get your attention?
Do you notice Him in your everyday life?
When His presence takes up residence in your home—and your heart—it’s hard to miss Him because He’s all around you. He’s in every room and every detail of your life.
We often think that unless we receive the blessing we want or see a miracle that God is not that involved. Colossians reminds us, “Set your minds on what is above, not on what is on the earth” (verse 3:2). When your mind is set on the things of God, you’ll notice that He doesn’t always show up in a grand gesture.

Sometimes He’s quiet. But why?

He wants His children to listen in closely. It’s hard to ignore a grand gesture like when God showed up and blinded Paul. But many times, He comes quietly to His children, reminding us in a thousand tiny ways every day that He’s with us.

How does He get your attention?

Maybe through a beautiful sunset or your favorite song. Maybe through the smiles on your kid’s faces or through a hobby that you enjoy. Maybe through your family gathering at the dinner table or the anticipation of snow on Christmas morning. God uses everyday moments to speak to us and teach us.
When our hearts aren’t intent on seeing these moments, we might miss them and never realize that they were intended as gifts from the Father. However, when we allow Him to be the centerpiece of everything we live by, He suddenly shows up all around us because we’re finally in a position to see Him. He’s no longer in a corner, and that sunset is no longer just a sunset, but rather a reminder that all creation sings His praises. The smiles on your kids’ faces are no longer just expressions but reminders that you’re meant to have childlike joy.

Let Him show you how He speaks to you, because there is nothing He wants more than to connect with us.
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Florence Broadnax - January 10th, 2022 at 10:09am

This is so insightful. Our Father is so good!

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