Anyone Can Do That

“Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see.” - Hebrews 11:1 
Faith. It is a word as cliche as they come in church. “You have to have faith.” “Have faith in God.” “Do you have faith?” It is a word as popular as any and one we hear seemingly every Sunday. Yet for many, it is still so challenging to grasp, to believe in something you cannot see.  
As we stated yesterday, for many, they just can’t take their eyes off the water. In Matthew 14, we see Peter attempt to walk on water toward Jesus. He was walking successfully until he began to look at everything around him rather than at His Savior. That is when he sunk. 
It is so easy for us to take our eyes off of Jesus and fix them on the things around us. That is when faith becomes difficult. It is difficult to see God providing the money when we see no form of income insight and the bill is due tomorrow. It is difficult to trust that you are going to get the job when the last five interviews haven’t gone your way. It is difficult to believe this relationship is going to work when all the ones before have failed.  
It can be difficult to have faith. But that is what God is calling you to have. Hebrews 11:1 tells us, “Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see.” 
See, anyone can believe something after they see it. It is easy to praise God when someone sends you $1,000 just to bless you. It is easy to praise God after your boyfriend proposes and you walk down the aisle. ANYONE CAN DO THAT. Even a non-believer trusts what their eyes see. 
If you want to have a real impact and do the Kingdom work God is calling you to do, it is going to require FAITH. And as Hebrews 11 tells us, faith is what we hope for, but it is something we cannot see. When you have faith, you are doing what many can’t, you are trusting God for something that is not currently a reality, but through hope and true FAITH, it can become your reality!
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