Amazing Perfection

“For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin.” - Hebrews 4:15 
Over the last week, we have talked a lot about forgiveness. We have looked at it from all angles: our need to forgive others, our need for God to forgive us (He has), and our need to forgive ourselves. After all, we have all messed up. We are all sinners.

But doesn’t that make Jesus’ life more amazing? Jesus lived on this earth for 33 years and never sinned. NOT ONE TIME. I think as Christians, we often overlook this. Yes, it is amazing. But do you ever actually stop to consider how hard that is? Most of us sin every day. It is hard to go a day, let alone a week, let alone 33 years, without sinning.
And remember, Jesus was fully human. He was both fully God and fully human at the same time. So everything you experience, everything you feel, Jesus experienced and felt the same way. It was not “easier” for Him not to sin. He was tempted just like us. And yet He remained sinless... blameless... PERFECT.

Have you ever bought a product solely because of the person selling it? Think about the workout tapes you’ve bought (or considered buying). You don’t buy the video of the overweight guy doing crunches. You buy the video of the chiseled Adonis-built man that you strive to be. You buy the video of the girl with toned legs and arms and a flat stomach.
Why is that? Because you want to be like them. If you’re going to listen to somebody, you want to listen to the person who has already done it. They already have the body you want.  

Well, that “Adonis-built” person, was (and is) Jesus Christ. He walked the walk. He lived on the same planet you live on. He was tempted, He was tried, and He was BLAMELESS. He lived a complete life of perfection.
Why wouldn’t you want to follow Him? He’s done it all, and He did it with amazing perfection. I want you to stop today and think about how hard it would be to remain perfect through all the temptations in life. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like someone I want to follow every step of the way! 

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