And What If I Don’t?

“A time to tear and a time to mend. A time to be quiet and a time to speak.” - Ecclesiastes 3:7 
Yesterday, we talked about sharing the message that is on your heart. When God places something inside of you, it can be a cause, a movement, a challenge, or a word of encouragement. It could be anything. When He places these things inside of you, He does not want them to stay there. He wants you to share them with the world! 
You never know when sharing what is on your heart could change the life of someone listening. Ecclesiastes 3:7 tells us there is “A time to tear and a time to mend. A time to be quiet and a time to speak.” 
This all sounds great. But maybe you are still not convinced. You still fear the judgment that might come from those who hear you. So you ask, “And what if I don’t, pastor? What if I decide to stay silent, and I don’t share?” You might think, “My life will not be any different whether I express what God has placed on my heart or not.”  
Maybe that is true, but maybe it isn’t. Consider this: what if sharing that message isn't about you? What if it is about the person who misses out on the challenge, the word of encouragement, or the story of victory over temptation that you could have shared?  
What if their life change never happens because you decided to stay quiet? We said two days ago that with God, nothing is an accident. He orchestrates everything for His purpose. What if He aligned just the person who needed to hear your story to be in the room when the opportunity came? What if someone could have seen the video you decided not to post? 
Who’s life would suffer as a result of you being silent? Yeah, maybe your life doesn’t change. But maybe their’s doesn’t either. What if you don’t? Good question, what if you don’t?  
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