Rising Above Fear

"The Lord is with you, O mighty man of valor!" - Judges 6:12  
When looking at his story in the book of Judges, we can see that Gideon emerges as a mighty example of courage in the face of fear. His story unfolds with a divine encounter, where the angel of the Lord addresses him not in his current state of hiding but as a mighty man of valor. Gideon's response is not one of immediate agreement but reveals the struggle that often accompanies stepping into our God-given identity.

Gideon, gripped by fear, questions the whereabouts of God's blessings and wonders why he hasn't witnessed the miraculous deeds he's heard about. Yet, God's response challenges a common misconception – the idea that blessings can be received independently of obedience. In verse 10, God gently reminds Gideon that blessings are intricately linked to obedience, a vital truth for us as well.
God doesn't merely call Gideon out of hiding; He calls him up to a higher purpose. The divine proclamation of being a mighty man of valor is a powerful affirmation of Gideon's potential despite his current circumstances.

Do you see any parallels in your own life? How often do you find yourself questioning God's timing or wondering about the blessings you anticipate? Gideon's journey mirrors our human tendency to misconstrue the relationship between blessings and obedience.
God's call is not an invitation to a comfortable existence; it's a summons to rise above fear and embrace the identity He has bestowed upon us. Gideon's initial hesitation gives way to a transformative encounter with the Lord, leading to the emergence of a mighty warrior who defies the grip of fear.

Take some time to reflect on the moments when fear has held you back or made you question God's timing. Like Gideon, you may have wondered about the blessings you've anticipated. God's call is not hindered by our present circumstances; instead, it propels us toward a higher purpose. Embrace the truth that, in the face of fear, God calls you not just out of your hiding but upward into the identity of a mighty person of valor.  

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