Which Voice?

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” - John 10:27

There is a great quote from the movie entitled, “A Beautiful Mind.” John Nash, a great mathematician and Nobel Peace Prize winner, made a statement as he was addressing the unfortunate elements of discrimination towards those that face mental disorders or even wrestle with mental health.  

He said, “I am not so different from you. I’m not different from you.” He was speaking about his struggle with schizophrenia. He goes on... “I am not different from you. We all hear voices. But there is a great choice we have to make: Which voice are we going to listen to?”

See, all of us hear voices. Every single one of us hears voices. My prayer for you today and every day is that the voice of God would be louder than any voice in your life and that no other voice would be louder – not the inner dialogue or the external dialogue. May no other voice would be louder than the voice of God in your own life.

Unfortunately, many of us are far too often consumed with other voices. We hear the voice of “influencers” on Instagram and TikTok. We hear the voices of our friends who we want to be like. We hear the voices of our favorite celebrities. We hear the voice of an outspoken family member.  

Listen, I am not saying that you should cut out social media and cut ties with all the people you love. Not even close. What I am saying is that none of those voices, whether it be a personal relationship, social media, or the voice in your own head, should trump the voice of God.

If you want to take your life in the direction of God’s will, there is no better voice to follow than His. Ask God today that you would hear His voice, louder and clearer than any other voice in your life.
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